2016 CSRAO Convention and AGM Presenters

Join us for the 2016 CSRAO Fall Convention and Conference, November 4th and 5th, at Oakham House, Gould Street at Church, Toronto Ontario M5B 1E9.

Featured speakers include:

Friday November 4, 2016

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the ASAP Reporting Services offices, 333 Bay Street Suite 900

Karen Peck – Case Catalyst Trainer/Sales
Julie Samford – Advantage Software – Eclipse

Pizza and Wine provided compliments of ASAP Reporting Services, Inc. 

Saturday November 5 2016
At Oakham House, 55 Gould Street

Jade King with Stanley Sakai 9:30 AM

Dr. Anthony Chan, B.Sc., D.C., R.Ac.  Chiropractor, Registered Acupuncturist 4:00 PM

The Oakham House facility is part of Ryerson University and is at the southeast corner of Gould and Church Streets, in downtown Toronto.



Karen Peck

Karen Peck is a Stenograph Certified Training Agent and provides one-on-one, group and remote web-based training to Case CATalyst users for the last 20 years. Karen is a graduate of the George Brown College’s court reporting program, and worked as a freelance reporter for many years, culminating in owning her own firm, Advanced Discovery Services, in North York, Ontario.  Karen is a trainer who understands both sides of the coin – that of the reporter and that of the company who provides one of the leading court reporting software products available in the market.

Karen has been an active member of the CSRAO for many years, and she is well known in the Ontario court reporting community.

Karen enjoys spending time with the family when not engaged in the court reporting and business world.

Case Catalyst Software Training –  Karen Peck will provide online training in person for our attendees. Topics covered will be realtime tricks and tips with Case Catalyst, dictionary entries, macros and editing shortcuts.

Julie Samford

Julie Samford has been in the court reporting industry for 30 years. She’s been training in software, technology and personal development since 2015 for state and national conventions as well as private and group training. She’s a consultant for Advantage Software and runs their training webinars and live events.

Total Eclipse Software Training – Julie Samford will provide online training via Skype for our attendees. Topics covered will be realtime tricks and tips with Eclipse, dictionary entries, macros and editing shortcuts.

Jade King

Jade King is a 35-year-old reporter from Melbourne, Australia, accredited at the Supreme Court of Victoria and with a Diploma in Journalism.  While a typist at a court reporting company Jade discovered stenography.  As there was only one school left in Australia, an eight-hour drive from her home, Jade decided to teach myself.  Jade uses Phoenix Theory and taught herself from scratch, before online resources were available, while working as a scopist for a brilliant stenographer in Melbourne.  Once she had reached the required speeds and gained her accreditation, she covered hearings in all jurisdiction at state and federal level – Magistrates, County, Supreme, Federal and Family Courts.
Jade then pursued a captioning position, starting onsite at Channel 7 in Australia and ultimately moving to Red Bee Media, covering various Australian networks plus overseas networks like Deutsche and BBC.  Jade was the first Australian stenographer to do TV captioning from home and also trained a number of court reporters transitioning to captioning.  Jade particularly specialised in sports captioning, including Olympic Games, tennis, golf, football.
Deciding to pursue an international career Jade moved to Hong Kong in 2009 and has since worked in China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan, the Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, South Korea and more, covering arbitrations, depositions and court hearings throughout these countries.  Additionally, Jade specialises in big-screen or stadium captioning for events throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  These include political for presidents and prime ministers; corporate sales clients with up to 16,000 in the audience; tech conferences and launches for global giants like Google and Huawei; and entertainment events such as the Asian Film Awards (Asia’s Oscars).
Jade King is currently Director of International Arbitration for Planet Depos.

Stan Sakai

Stanley Sakai is a 26-year-old Washington State certified shorthand reporter (CSR) and NCRA certified CART provider (CCP) living in New York City.  Originally fascinated with pen shorthand while studying at UW, he developed an interest in machine stenography after witnessing a CART provider working in one of his classes. After having received his bachelor’s in linguistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, he taught himself machine shorthand.

Dr. Anthony Chan. B.Sc., D.C., R.Ac.
Chiropractor, Registered Acupuncturist

Dr. Chan is a chiropractor and registered acupuncturist practising in Toronto and Aurora. He is experienced in treating various pain conditions including lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and different types of arthritic conditions.

Dr. Chan is passionate about optimizing the health of each of his patients based on their individual lifestyles. He focuses on providing patient-centered care to help his patients relieve pain, as well as to enhance their overall health and wellness. More importantly, he looks for the cause and examines the body as a whole to determine any underlying factors that may contribute to his patients’ problems. Dr. Chan is also experienced in treating patients of all ages through a diverse variety of therapies including muscle release therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, acupuncture, patient health education, and active rehabilitation exercises.


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