The Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association of Ontario was incorporated in 1891, making it the second oldest association of professional court reporters in North America. The goal at the inception of the association was the same as it is today: to develop, encourage and preserve standards of excellence in shorthand writers within the Province of Ontario.

Though there are still a few pen writers in the association, the majority of members are machine shorthand writers who work in the courts, the freelance field, and Canada’s Parliament, providing verbatim transcripts of proceedings; additionally, many of our membership provide communication access services to those with a hearing loss through the provision of CART and captioning.

The CSRAO provides independent assessment of a shorthand reporters’ skill through its certification process, and many of its senior members provide mentoring and support to new reporters to the profession.

Members of the association can continue their education, training and learning through seminars that deal with technology, writing skills, English, grammar and business training.

Lastly, the CSRAO advocates on behalf of its members on issues directly affecting professional shorthand reporters and the creation of the record or communication access.

With its rich history and members who have contributed to every facet of court reporting, the CSRAO continues today to meet the needs of its members and grow as a professional association.

¬†Who may use the initials “CSR”?

The designation “CSR” or Chartered Shorthand Reporter is conferred on a shorthand reporter who:

  • Has successfully completed all testing requirements of the Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association of Ontario
  • Is a member in good standing
  • Has paid all dues required in accordance with the CSRAO by-laws

When you use a shorthand reporter with the initials “CSR” after their name, you are assured that the member has met what our profession world-wide considers to be able to meet the standards conferred to a professional court reporter, captioner or CART provider. The letters “CSR” are recognized around the globe in courts and the legal community, and are universally considered to be a hallmark of qualification, as assessed by an independent body whose interests are in part to ensure the integrity of the written record, or as meaningful communication access for those with a hearing loss.

If you see a court reporter using the initials “CSR” and they do not appear on our member list on this website, please contact us for further information at


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