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Angela Gunn, CSR

Angela Gunn has been an owner of Barrett-Gunn Court Reporters,in Newmarket, Ontario, since 1994, providing real-time court reporting services within her community and the Greater Toronto Area in civil litigation venues.

She has provided real-time court reporting for the Ministry of the Attorney General, Central East Region for long, complex trials, ranging from first-degree murder, medical malpractice, tax evasion/fraud, child protection/custody, including one of Canada’s longest jury trials in the capacity of official reporter and captioning for hearing-impaired accused in a first-degree murder trial.

She enjoys life with her family and the splendour of Lake Simcoe and the North.


Terry Wood, CSR, RPR

Terry has been both a court reporter and broadcast captioner during her 25 years of writing steno. She graduated in machine shorthand court reporting from George Brown College after completing her Honours Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Western Ontario. She is the present Chief Examiner in Toronto and enjoys mentoring students.

During her few spare moments she enjoys sewing and reading science fiction and fantasy books.


Lisa Barrett, CSR, RPR, CRR, CCP
Vice-President and Chief Examiner

Lisa has been reporting since 1979, being the youngest reporter on staff at 361 University Avenue Courthouse.  Throughout the past 35 years, Lisa was a co-owner of Barrett-Gunn Court Reporters in Newmarket, Ontario while maintaining her contract with the Ministry of The Attorney General to provide real-time court reporting services on high-profile trials as well as managing to combine her quest for new challenges and adventures by reporting in Singapore (2009-2010), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Jakarta, to name but a few.

Lisa currently works in Toronto and sometimes Dubai and will, in the near future, be adding London, UK to her list.  Lisa enjoys volunteering at Dogtales Rescue (King City) in her spare time.



Lisa Lamberti, CSR

Lisa has been reporting for 17 years and has had the pleasure of working in three provinces, New Jersey, Egypt, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.  Lisa graduated from George Brown College and was hired right into Superior Court in downtown Toronto.  She has gone on to work with several major court reporting firms and specializes in pharmaceutical and intellectual property cases.  Lisa is excited to be a member of the CSRAO Council and is looking forward to meeting the challenges in this era of change and the advancement of our profession.



Lynda Johansson, CSR, RPR

In 2008, Lynda assumed the role of President of StenoTran Services Inc., but since 1979 Lynda has provided court reporting services predominantly in English, but also French or bilingual hearings, both in Canada and abroad.

She has been privileged to witness evidence or arguments first hand while providing court reporting/real-time reporting services since 1979.

Lynda is actively developing and promoting innovative concepts to better advance reporting services.



Karen Peck

Karen graduated from the Machine Shorthand – Court Reporting Program at George Brown College. She focused her career in the freelance industry and owned her own court reporting firm for several years. Karen has been a Stenograph Certified Training Agent for 18 years, providing one-on-one and group training services to customers using CaseCATalyst court reporting software and other Stenograph products. In 2009, Karen joined Stenograph as a sales representative for Eastern Canada.


Cynthia Yan

Cynthia Yan began reporting in 2010, after completing and receiving her diploma from the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies.  It all began when she was looking for a career change back in 2007-2008. While doing research into the profession, she was intrigued by what she learned and decided to take the leap into the court reporting world.  Cynthia is a freelance reporter working in Toronto and has had the opportunity to work in the Northwest Territories, overseas, and throughout Ontario.

When Cynthia isn’t reporting, she enjoys baking, crocheting, and travelling.


Jenn Fantin

Jenn started her court reporting career in 2011 after completing and receiving a diploma from the Canadian Centre for Verbatim Studies. She is the youngest student to have graduated from the school. She works in the freelance industry in Toronto in many different settings and has also worked all throughout Ontario.

In her spare time, Jenn enjoys travelling, seeing shows, dancing, cooking and entertaining.


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