csr-diplomaCan you picture your name on this diploma?

Have you always wanted to put C.S.R. beside your name?

Have you always wanted to participate on CSRAO Council as a Fellow?

You spoke and the CSRAO listened!




On October 1st 2016, the CSRAO is happy to bring back the CSRAO  Saturday morning classes in preparation for the CSR Exam.

First class on Sat. October 1, 2016 – 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Second class on Sat. October 15,  2016 – 10:00  – 11:30 a.m.

EXAM on Sat. October 22, 2016  11:00 a.m., at ASAP Reporting Services, 333 Bay Street Suite 900.

Speeds at 160 Literary, 180 Jury Charge, 200 Q&A Testimony

+ written knowledge exam, Canadian standard

You must be a CURRENT CSRAO Member to take the exam.
Cheques should be payable to CSRAO, or cash $50.00. at the door. Fee $50 for exam only

You MUST PRE-REGISTER WITH examiner@csrao.net

The Educational Powers of the CSRAO, from its charter:

  1. (1) The Association shall have power to promote and increase by all lawful ways and means the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members in all things relating to the business or calling of a shorthand reporter, and to that end to establish classes, lectures and examinations and prescribe such tests of competence, fitness and moral character as may be thought expedient to qualify for admission to membership, to grant diplomas and certificates of efficiency and to authorize the members to use the distinguishing title, “Chartered Shorthand Reporter” or the letters, “C.S.R.”

The Class and Exam Location: ASAP Reporting Services, 333 Bay St. Suite 900, Toronto, Ontario – Corner Bay & Adelaide


Suite 425, 157 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 4E7